Evaporate with precision

We design, supply and install Thin Film Evaporation systems and components

Rebuild & Upgrade projects

Systems can be upgraded or rebuilt with modern and user-friendly operating system. This includes assessment of the current control, assessment processes, necessary protections and desired operating purposes. The requirements for data logging, remote control via Ethernet or SMS fault messages, etc. are integrated.


This type of upgrade can be performed for:

  • Evaporationsystems for R&D and Industry
  • E-gun PVD systems
  • Turbopump- Cryo and Diffusionpump system
rebuild and upgrade - vactec

Delivery includes:

  • Control panel, including PLC with software
  • Electrical cabinet with hardeware for power, safety devices, powersupllies, I/O modules
  • Connection & testing on site
  • Electrical diagrams “as built”
  • Operating manual
rebuild and upgrade - vactec