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Our vacuum technology courses are meticulously designed to provide you with the best hands-on experience. Whether you are a novice in the field or seeking to advance your expertise, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses everything from the fundamentals of vacuum technology to intricate subjects such as thermal evaporation and helium leak testing. We delve deep into the principles of vacuum pumps and gauges, and offer valuable insights into design and maintenance. With a perfect blend of theory and practical sessions, rest assured that you will become a proficient vacuum professional in no time.


Module 1 – Vacuum Technology
For engineers, designers, and users of vacuum equipment:

  • Basics
  • of vacuum technology, phenomena, flow dynamics, applications, and processes
  • Principles of vacuum pumps; advantages and disadvantages
  • Principles of vacuum gauges; usage and accuracy
  • Design, materials, leak testing, connections

Vacuumcourse additional modules

  • Module 2: Design of vacuumpump systems, processes, hardware and cost of ownership calculations
  • Module 3: Thermal evaporation
  • Module 4: Heliumleaktesting of industrial systems and products
  • Module 5: Maintenance & use of vacuumpumps and gauges

NEVAC Vacuumcourse

This official training course is organized under auspician of the Dutch vacuumsociety. The training is aimed for research technicians, design engineers and operators of (high vacuum, ultra highvacuum) systems. The trainees will be introduced into all type of pumps, vacuumgauges, calculations, helium leaktesting and the course is finished with an official examination, completed with a diploma.

  • 14 half day training
  • Gasflow, conductance and surface/gas interaction
  • Calculations of vacuumsystems
  • Vacuumpumps and vacuumgauges
  • Materials, cleaning and assembly
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