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Evaporate with precision

We design, supply and install Thin Film Evaporation systems and components

Vactec products

Our product line includes an array of Evaporation Systems, which consist of both Thermal resistance evaporation and E-gun evaporation. These systems, primarily the standard Temescal E-gun PVD systems, are designed for both research & development and production purposes.
Furthermore, we offer an assortment of Temescal E-guns, Power supplies, sweep controllers, and TemEBEAM controllers, all of which promote efficient thin film process automation. In addition to our evaporation systems, we also supply specialized vacuum systems equipped with PLC control and data logging.

Thermal evaporation

From creating thin films for solar cells and semiconductors to coating optical lenses and mirrors, thermal evaporation has a wide range of applications. We provide high-quality systems specifically designed for your needs.

PVD Evaporation Components

We supply a range of PVD components, each optimized for precision and durability. These robust components contribute to the production of exceptional thin films, reinforcing our commitment to deliver the finest in thin film evaporation technology.

E – gun evaporation

Vactec integrates e-gun evaporation into your systems, facilitating the production of high-quality, uniform films. We can adapt the systems to meet your unique project requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

Atomic layer depositioning systems

Our ALD (Atomic Layer Depostioning) systems are built with cutting-edge technology and are designed to deliver consistent, high-quality results. We offer comprehensive support for all our systems.

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