Evaporate with precision

We design, supply and install Thin Film Evaporation systems and components

Consultancy & Calculation

Our consultancy services for vacuum pump systems are extensive and versatile. We offer expertise in liquid ring pump systems for chemical processes, dry pump systems for chemical processes, Roots blower pump systems, high-pressure vacuum pump systems including turbo, cryo, and diffusion pumps, dry screw pumps, claw pumps, roots blowers, and oil-filled vacuum pumps.

Expertise in pump calculations

Our services go beyond just supply. We provide accurate pump calculations – from batch cycle time calculations to pipe loss calculations, degassing, and net pump capacity calculations. We have the expertise to design pump lines, taking into account diameter, length, and pipeline resistance.

Additionally, we also offer upgrades to existing pump systems for “Inline Coating” installations. We are confident that our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field allow us to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to meet your specific needs. We are ready to assist you every step of the way.

consultancy and expertise in pumpcalculations

Consultancy & Calculation

Consultancy for vacuumpump Systems
• Liquidring pump systems for chemical processes
• Dry pump systems for chemical processes
• Rootsblower pump systems
• High vacuum pump systems, turbo-, cryo- and diffusion pumps
• Dry running screw pumps, claw pumps and rootsblowers
• Oil sealed vacuum pumps

Pump calculations
• Calculation of batch cycletimes
• Calculation of pipe losses, outgassing, nett pump capacity
• Design of pumplines, diameter, length, pipeline resistance
• Upgrade of existing pump systems for “Inline Coating” installations