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Evaporate with precision

We design, supply and install Thin Film Evaporation systems and components

We are Vactec

Vactec specializes in Thin Film Deposition, Vacuum training, design and installation of customized evaporation systems.

Due to long term experience and the practical approach, we are able to satisfy customer’s need, whether this is a simple evaporation tool or a full automated Ebeam PVD tool.

Vactec - about us

What do we stand for

You may expect an experienced partner at the table, who is capable of fulfilling your needs on evaporation, vacuum training or upgrades of existing thin film equipment.

Our experiences cover different processes in industry and research, and we have trained over 200+ engineers in design, assembly and production departments of high-tech industry and scientific environments.

Our approach is flexible, pragmatic, cost-effective and driven by experience.

Optimize your processes and improve your operational efficiency

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